Bloom Quilt (Take 2)

When we found out we were pregnant with our second daughter, I knew then that I wanted to make her a matching Bloom quilt to her sister. I loved making Lori Holt’s pattern and loved the idea of the two girls having similar quilts to one another. Someday if they share a room together, wouldn’t it look so cute to see these quilts on their beds?

You can see my oldest’s Bloom quilt here. For this version I switched up the color palette, focusing on more blues, purples and pinks. The core line of fabric that I worked from is called One Room Schoolhouse designed by Brenda Ratliff.

For this quilt I used Lori Holt’s appliqué method which I absolutely love. Each flower shape is backed with sew-in interfacing and then turned so that all of the edges are finished before stitching down. I love that no matter how hard my girls are on these quilts, the flowers won’t show signs of wear.

For the quilting, I again chose straight line quilting on all sashing and a close meander quilting within the flower blocks. I also stitched around each flower center to help it “pop” off the background. I love how much texture it achieved!

Both of my girls love their quilts and love to talk about which flowers are their favorites. It brings me so much joy to see them use them!

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