Process and Pricing

Custom Quilting Update

I am currently booked with quilting projects through November 2021 and am not able to accept new quilts at this time. To be the first to know when spots for custom quilting open up, click here to be added to my email list.

Quilting Charges

Quilting charges are based on cost per square inch. To calculate, multiply length x width in inches. (For example, a throw quilt measuring 50″ x 65″ is 3,250 square inches.)

Once you have calculated the area of your quilt, multiply that by the price per square inch. The quilting costs below include the cost of thread (unless there is a specific thread color you would like me to order). There is a minimum charge of $50. All quilting designs are hand-guided.

All-Over Design: With an all-over design, the same style of quilting is quilted across the entire top of the quilt.

  • Simple All-Over Design (for example, meander, stippling, ripples, large swirls): $0.02/square inch
  • Complex All-Over Design (for example, dense swirls, feathers, specialty shapes): $0.03/square inch

Semi-Custom Design: Semi-custom designs are perfect if you have an outside border that you would want me to quilt in a different way than the center of the quilt.

  • Semi-Custom Design
    $0.03-$0.04/square inch

Full Custom Design: Fully custom quilting is unique to your quilt top, and designs are fit and filled within individual blocks, sashing and borders. Quilts with straight-line ruler work fit into this category as well. 

  • Full Custom Design (pricing depends on density and complexity)
    $0.04–$0.08/square inch


You may provide your own high-quality batting, or you can purchase it directly from me. I carry the following batting options:

  • Quilters Dream 80/20 White (93 inches wide) $10/yard
  • Warm and Natural 100% Cotton (90 inches wide) $10/yard
  • Quilters Dream Wool (93 inches wide) $12/yard
  • Quilters Dream Bamboo Blend (93 inches wide) $12/yard

I can also order other Quilters Dream batting upon request. Batting must be 8 inches longer than the length and width of your quilt (4 inches on each size). For example, a 50″ x 65″ quilt would need batting that is at least 58″ x 73″.

Binding Services

I can also help you with binding your quilt. Binding costs are determined by the linear inches of the edges of your quilt. To calculate add together the four sides of your quilt in inches. (For example, a 50″ x 65″ quilt is 50+50+65+65=230 linear inches.) You would provide the fabric for the binding.

  • Option 1: I machine-stitch your prepared binding strips to the front of the quilt. That allows you to simply hand-stitch the binding to the back of your quilt. $0.10/linear inch.
  • Option 2: I machine-stitch your prepared binding strips on both the front and the back using a coordinating thread color. This means your quilt will be completely finished when I return it to you! $0.25/linear inch.
  • Option 3: Don’t want to prepare the strips for binding? I will cut and prepare the binding strips in the fabric you’ve provided and then machine-stitch them to the front and back. $0.30/linear inch.

Additional Services

Backing Preparation: Preparing backing fabric is $10 per seam.

Quilt Trimming: I can trim your quilt when the quilting is complete for $0.05 per linear inch (measurement of the outside edge of the quilt). You will need to specify if you want your quilt trimmed right at the edge of the quilt top or to a specific measurement beyond the top. If you opt to include binding services (listed above), quilt trimming is complementary. 

Pressing, Thread Trimming, Repairs: If your quilt is in need of significant pressing, thread trimming or the repair of ripped seams, I can take care of all of that at a rate of $30/hour. 

Thread and Designs

I keep a large variety of neutral thread colors (and some bold options) in stock and will work with you to select a thread that will enhance your quilt. There is no charge for thread if you use a color that I already carry. If you request a color that I do not stock, there will be a thread charge of $10 per color.

I will consult with you to determine design styles that will be a great fit for your quilt. If you have something specific in mind, please let me know!

Turnaround Time

My schedule for longarming varies based on how many quilts I have ahead of yours. Feel free to reach out for my current time estimate, and once I receive your quilt, I can provide a more detailed time frame for when you can expect quilting to be completed.  


I require payment in full before I ship your quilt or before you pick it up. For shipped quilts, I accept PayPal or Venmo. Local customers also have the option to pay by cash or check.


Postage is the responsibility of the client. I recommend mailing your quilts via the US Postal Service using Flat Rate boxes, which include tracking and $50 insurance in the cost. You also can ship via UPS or other carriers, but I recommend adding insurance coverage when shipping.

When I am sending your quilt back to you, I will insure your package for at least the amount of the quilting charge. I can also add additional insurance as needed—just let me know before I mail it out.